A meeting with Destiny by Jess

“We are energized when we recognise we are being prepared for something great; every moment provides an opportunity to possess it.” Steve Buckland

Last week we met with Michael and Christian from Destiny Rescue over a coffee for a chat. I was actually a bit nervous that God would close this door and tell us in His roundabout way that we were meant to be doing something else. For some reason I felt that this meeting would be pivotal in this whole idea/trip. However, Michael and Christian were so patient as we shared our hearts and our journey from the last 18 months. They were extremely supportive and encouraging; it lifted my spirit and made the impossible seem possible. So basically, the answer was YES, Destiny Rescue could use us! YAY! Obviously, nothing is set in stone.

I think it’s important to connect with people who have gone before. We’ve never done this before, so why not surround ourselves with people who’ve walked similar roads and get their insight and wisdom.  It was totally a God-thing that Christian was at the meeting/coffee date. Having recently been called on from his own ‘home’ church to establish his own, I know that he and his wife will be able to provide us with wisdom on how to best proceed. For example, do we sell our house? How soon should we tell people? How do we deal with mourning the loss of family and friends at home? (More on these questions and answers to come I’m sure).

Well, I’m so excited and nervous… this might actually be happening! I feel hesitant to get my hopes up even though I know in my heart that this is what God has next for us. I feel like how I did when we decided Tim should go to Brazil for a short trip. Certain, yet uncertain. There are so many things for us to start to think about now. Telling our families, getting prayer partners and covering, telling Ps. Murray and my work, our friends, finances, passports for Amy, needles etc. It’s ok though, we just have to walk the path before us one step at a time.

So, I’m doing a lot of research about Thailand. I want to go into this with my eyes open. I don’t want to be naive or romanticize anything. I know it will be tough sometimes and I know it will be rewarding other times. But, I think that’s all part of an adventure isn’t it?

Love Jess

From Point A to Point B by Jess

Remember, God takes a long time to act quickly.

I think it’s very easy to come into someone’s story mid-way and think it looks effortless, however there is always a big journey from Point A to Point B to C, D and so on.pointatob

Our journey between point A and B, was the point from knowing God was calling us on to something and finally figuring out what it was. We hope that as we post about what happens from here on, that you will be inspired and encouraged to follow the path you feel God is placing before you. However, please keep in mind that there has been about an additional 18 months that has led us to this point. 18 months full of questions and uncertainty. Months full of God changing our hearts and giving us promises and words to hold onto. It was a season of spiritual highs and lows and we have learnt a lot about what God has placed in us. I am glad for the journey between point A and point B, because otherwise I wouldn’t be ready for what’s next, but believe me… it was a daily journey of listening to Daddy God and being open to anything and everything.

So, thanks for joining us. Talk soon.

Love Jess xxoo

Brazil Trip with Global Awakening by Tim

In March of 2013 I joined a team from Global Awakening to go to Brazil. This was a long time dream of mine and it was a life changing experience in many ways. I spent two weeks in Brazil divided between Rio de Janeiro for some sight seeing and an area just outside of Sao Paulo for a ministry experience with Global Awakening.


Rio de Janeiro – What an incredible city. The hustle and bustle of New York and the smell and culture of Bangkok. Rio never seems to sleep and there’s always something to do. One of the most tourist populated cities in the world and they’ve made the most of it. I spent 5 nights here and loved it all; from the incredible beaches to the energetic football matches to the momentous sights and friendly people.

P1000298Impanema Beach

P1000172Christ the Redeemer

P1000110View from the top of the Sugar Loaf


Hangar7 – This was one of the most amazing groups of people I’ve ever met. A church of young people who live for Jesus in everything they do and passionately love the people in their city of Indaiatuba. This group of people is pastored by Juan and Keila, who are now my great friends. The Global team partnered with Hangar7 to run a three day conference at the church. It was an incredible time of meeting amazing people, soaking in God’s tangible presence and training and equipping for outreach and life. Fantastic memories. Thanks Hangar7!




Campinas Red-light district – One of the most incredible experiences I had during this trip was a visit to a red-light district in Campinas. A small team of people would go into the district each afternoon during the conference with Hangar7. We would take roses and a Father’s Love Letter in small teams looking for opportunities to bless the ladies in the area. It was an eye opening experience but we were able to pray for and prophecy over a number of ladies. Some great news, there are plans for future ongoing ministry in this area.


The Global Awakening team – This was the crazy bunch of people that I got to hang out with over the week. The group were from the US, Canada, Switzerland, UK and Aus. We laughed, cried, sung, ate and ministered together and saw God do some incredible things.

Global Team

The Three Musketeers and D’artagnan – These three guys became my brothers and friends I will never forget. Isaque (top right), Diego (bottom right), Igor (top left) and I made the most of every chance to hang together and minister together.  With only Isaque having good english and Diego and Igor ok english, there were many laughs and blank stares when trying to communicate to each other. Macomequeisso???!!!

The three Musketeers

I was changed forever and blessed by what God did in me and through me. I now have some life long friends that I know I will see again. Thank you.