Dear Disappointed Brave Heart

Dear Disappointed Brave Heart,

So, you gave it a go and it didn’t turn out how you wanted it to. It might be a good time to reflect together and get some perspective. I know, you may not feel like it because the disappointment is so fresh, but you can trust me with this. If you know me at all, you know I am for you and won’t dismiss or minimise how you feel.

Let’s acknowledge the crappy part of this situation and highlight the good parts if we can.

The Crappy

The hope you had, the dreams you invested in, the money you spent, the strategy you crafted, the feelings you shared… It didn’t work out. I’m so sorry to hear that, I really am. It’s hard to face the disappointments of life and although we can always ‘look for the good’, when people force it into your face feels like rubbing salt into a wound. Forced positivity takes away from all you invested, so we won’t do that. I will simply say…

This. Sucks.

It’s crap and it sucks and it’s ok to feel disappointed.

The Good

The realisation that sometimes bravery isn’t enough to get results is hard. Rather than delighting in a success that isn’t there, let us delight in your bravery. My brother once told me:

“Don’t focus on success, focus on what you learn”

It can be harder to see life’s lessons when you are staring into the face of disappointment, but when you are ready, searching for lessons is a great place to start processing what has happened. It can be one way to move forward; knowing that nothing is wasted. You took the step, you made the leap, you tried something new or tried again. You gave it a go, you spoke the words, you reached for more. You actually learnt a lot. You may have learnt more about yourself, you may have learnt how not to do something, but you did learn. You can learn from this disappointment.

So, let me encourage you to hold your disappointment and pain lightly in one hand and balance it with growth and learning in the other.

You should be proud of yourself for at least giving it a go. I know I am.

Love Jess xxoo