The last few days



The last few days have been filled with some hilarious and horrendous moments. I thought I’d share some of the funnier ones and yes, some things are funnier once everyone is in bed and finally asleep.

Saturday 27th June

During a rather one-sided conversation about a certain little girl going for a ride on a unicorn, I realised that I hadn’t actually explained to Amy that those fabled creatures aren’t real. She was pretty devastated for about a minute and then went on to talk about pink and purple horses. One thing at a time.

Monday 29th June

Today I was Amy free, which was a blessing, but also made me miss her. After picking her up, we drove home:

A: Mum, do you have a lollipop?

J: No I don’t

A: No, you do

J: No Amy, I really don’t

A: Noooooo, you do

J: I can promise you Amy, I don’t have a lollipop

A: You do (getting seriously annoyed)

J: I don’t (getting seriously annoyed back)

Slight pause

A: Mum, do you have a pizza?

J thinking: I’m just going to pretend she’s not there.

Wednesday 1st July

Number 1. This morning while hanging out in Bella’s room, Amy was looking at the painting Tim did for Bella:

A: Daddy’s going to paint one for Shadow (our cat) with red and pink and yellow, like horses running and a unicorns with a black tail.

J thinking: Sounds awful, but fifty years from now it could be worth a fortune

Number 2. After struggling for an hour and a half to get Bella to go to and actually stay asleep, Amy came to tell me the good news:

A: Bella’s asleep

J: Oh YAY!

A: You did it Mum!

J thinking: I can’t feel my arms! How will I drink coffee?

Number 3. Just before bath time:

A: I’m pretty tired Mummy. I have eyes in my soap.

J thinking: I know the feeling

The last few days have been tough, the kind of tough that makes you want to go for a long, long drive to nowhere in particular with just you and your favourite music. This afternoon, as I sat feeding Bella for the forth time in so many hours, I thought about the pains and struggles in my own life and the lives of others around me. I know this is part of the adventure, it is all part of our story, but man it’s exhausting.

b623e07f5bda4b73b774f9a60283a5b4As I sit here, I look forward to tomorrow. What hilarious thing will Amy say? Which little smile will Bella give me? Who will Whatsapp me telling me that they are feeling better? Tomorrow fills me with hope. So, if you’re having a tough one, don’t worry, you are not alone. You made it through today and I am so proud of you! Chin-up, we can do this.


Love Jess xxoo