Seven Years of Blogging

Dear Wonderful Reader,

Today WordPress notified me that I/we have been blogging for seven years today. Seven years is a significant amount of time (and money) to invest into sharing your thoughts with others, so I’ll take a moment to stop and acknowledge it.


When Tim and I went overseas with our oldest daughter, we started this blog keep our large social circle in touch with what we were doing on our travels. I never thought I’d still be uploading content all these years later.

I want to take a moment to thank those of you who know me in real life. Thanks you for all your likes, comments, personal messages and shares via FB, in person, email or sms. I’m always surprised by what speaks to people and what any one individual needs to hear on a particularly day. If I have helped you at all during this time, it is my pleasure and not something I take lightly. I am particularly humbled and honoured when you take time to share your own personal stories and/or pains with me.

And now a thank you for my WP friends. When I look at the other bloggers who have been around as long as me, I know that my ‘follow numbers’ don’t reflect my output. I was almost completely ignorant about the rich community here until I got the app on my phone. It makes me laugh. I know that I could have/should have invested more time into promoting my page within the WordPress community, but even to this day, I’m more interested in having genuine connections over numbers. That’s not to say I can’t make genuine online connections, I just haven’t worried about ‘building followers’. To those of you who are following me… I’m sending you lots of blogging love and cheering you on (even if I’m quiet sometimes).

I’m uncertain about how long I will continue doing this… I guess until it no longer brings me joy or I lack the time. For now though, I still plan on writing little pieces whenever I can and I appreciate the time you take to read them.

So, from my heart to yours, thank you again.

Love Jess xxoo

Anxiety: Fighting a fictional foe

Last night my cat was stalking a spot on a white wall. There was nothing there, but in his imagining it was worthy of his notice and all his energy. He sat there for a long time intent on fighting his fictional foe. I will be honest, it was highly amusing.

This is not my photo, but the picture is perfect

This did however lead me to wonder if humans are often like that too. What things do we notice which really mean nothing at all? What things do we fixate on, which are entirely imagined? I’m sure there are many and for the anxious mind there are many more.

In my own journey with anxiety I can identify with my crazy cat, I know what it’s like to be consumed with something that’s not there. Although in my case, I would be staring at an invisible spot on the wall which would suddenly multiply to a hundred invisible spots and I would want to chase them all.

In my worst moments, I honestly did believe every thought that came into my mind. It was like handing myself a hundred negative prophesies all at once and believing they were true, instead of something to be tested.

I have learnt a lot since being in my twenties and I’m glad to say that I don’t do this any more. I have moments, but I am more aware when it’s happening and can catch myself before I spend days staring at or giving my attention to something that isn’t real.

What has helped me? Many, many things: quotes, specific bible verses, books, songs, discussions with wise people, seeing a psychologist, medication, improving my gut health and more.

Allow me to give you a few questions to ask yourself before you sit staring at your negative thoughts.

  • Should I put energy into chasing this thought?
  • Is this real or a self-made negative prophecy?
  • Is this helpful?

And my favourite mantra for stopping my anxious imaginings:

Thoughts are not facts

If you are struggling by fixating on unhelpful and negative thoughts or dreamed up catastrophes, let me encourage you to remember this story of my cat. If you can let go of even one fictional foe this week, I will give you a standing ovation.

Love Jess xxoo