Not all adventures are glamorous

I have about six-weeks of my pregnancy to go which means I am uncomfortable, sleep badly and still have moments when I think I’m going to vomit everywhere. However life goes on and things still need to be done. This morning I had to take Shadow to the vet for a booster needle…

As I held Amy’s hand, carried the cat box and had my bag over my shoulder, the bottom of the box gave way and Shadow fell out. Luckily we were just at the door of the vet surgery. I shook off Amy’s hand, grabbed the cat and pulled the door open. As I threw the box inside, held the door open with my foot and tried to pass the cat to someone, Amy got hit in the head as she tried to fit through the little gap. So now I had a cat in one arm and a crying Amy half stuck outside, screaming and holding her head. Help did arrive, but honestly the whole thing was slightly hilarious. Plus, with being 34 weeks pregnant it must have been funny and petrifying for the others in the waiting room to watch as everything went wrong.

The vet visit itself wasn’t much better, but we survived.

After I embarrassingly accepted help getting to the car, Amy started yelling that she was hungry, which was when I may or may not have lost the plot and told her off. My previous idea of getting a coffee on the way home went out the window as I now had wicked reflux and no energy left to face anything else.

Half way home Amy started crying because she put her fingers into the cat box and I’m assuming Shadow gave her a nip. The cat then went crazy scratching and carrying on and Amy started laughing as the cat made a jail break and got out of the box. There was nothing I could do but keep driving. After successfully navigating another around-a-bout, I felt something furry on my leg and realise the cat had made his way under my seat and was now setting up shop in front of the break pedal. At this point I was beyond caring if we lived or died, but we ended up back at home without any more drama.


Unfortunately I told Amy we could do some painting today and we’d go buy some ‘kid friendly’ paint (if there is really such a thing) after we dropped Shadow home. However, I knew I needed a moment to gather whatever energy and happy thoughts I had left. As I sat on the couch relaying these events to my family, Amy started doing my make-up/painting my face with a paintbrush and I decide I may never move again. If I could drink, a small glass of wine would have been perfect right then. Instead I found an old and slightly malformed Freddo Frog in the fridge… that did it.

The truth is that sometimes ‘adventures’ are not so glamorous and involve dropping your cat and yelling at your daughter, but it does make a good story.


Love Jess xxoo

Living Simply in Rest

I have just made myself a coffee and warmed up some Banana Bread in our malfunctioning microwave and settled down to finally write this blog. It has been a while coming, but you’ll understand in about three sentences. Two of our closest friends recently returned from an overseas trip and whilst away they heard a short, six-word sentence and passed it along to us. It has truly hit home with me, so I have written it onto our bathroom mirror:

Rest until you can dream again

I am tired. It could have something to do with being pregnant and having a two and a half-year old. I’m positive the financial stress doesn’t help nor the fact that I now need to add ‘microwave’ onto a growing list of things to address around the house. Sigh. In regards to church-life, I have been involved in activities or ministries since I was 13 years old (I’m 30 now). That’s a lot of meetings, vision/directional changes, informal counselling, encouragement and late, late nights. We also did a large amount of travel last year, seeing places and things that were devastating and disheartening. In light of all we saw, we certainly know a lot more about the difference between good intentions and best practice, and I become tired when I see the first more often than not.

Additionally, since coming back from our trip, Tim and I have made it a priority to slow down our schedule. It’s one of the main things we learned for ourselves, the power of rest in a crazy Western world. I tend to feel overly responsible for everything and everyone (a recent revelation), which means my schedule often gets out of control as I try to accommodate the people around me and make sure they are going ok and not getting left by the weigh-side. It’s a learning process, so I’m still learning how to manage my diary.

I’m sure you can understand then, why this little line means so much to me. When you’re tired, it’s hard to think ahead and dream outrageous, energetic dreams. Sometimes it’s hard just getting out of bed, even when you’re not pregnant 😉

For those who believe in Jesus and know a little about their bible, it’s time to be Mary and let the Martha inside me have a break. It’s time to take up Jesus’ offer in Matthew 11:28 and come to Him for rest, to sit on the grass together and not even have to say anything. After a good long rest, maybe we’ll have a conversation about what’s next and what we can do together, but I can imagine Jesus sitting next to me, enjoying the peace and quiet just as much as I am.

Resting in the Grass

I believe that it really is important to rest or have seasons of rest in order to move forward. What I love about this little quote from our friends, is that the pressure is off. It’s a reminder that you don’t have to force yourself to dream; you will naturally be able to do so once you’ve had enough rest. Just rest and eventually the dreaming will begin again. So, if you’re tired, like me… rest until you can dream again.

Love Jess xxoo