Our time with Hangar7 – Indaiatuba


BOM DIA! – Good morning. We’ve been in Brazil for four weeks now and have spent this time in the city of Indaiatuba hanging out with Hangar7 Church. Here’s a recap about what we’ve been up to.

Our amazing family and hosts

This is Juan and Keila, pastors of Hangar7. They are doing such an amazing job and were such a blessing to us while we stayed with them and their family. Thanks familia!


 The whole familia!

Services and speaking

We both had the great opportunity to speak to Hangar7 in a number of services. We felt so privileged and excited to see what God is doing in the lives of the young people. Here’s some pics:

Sexta Life – Friday nights in the street


Speaking at Hangar7

 Sunday night services – At the new Hangar7 building




Helping out at Hangar7

We had great opportunities to observe this church and learn about the Brazilian culture. We also got to help out in a few areas. Tim was able to help with planning for their Training, Alpha and also help out around the church with painting. Jess was able to help with some admin and planning.

This is the office…


That transforms into lunch…


And then back into an office…

Amy also helped out where she could too 😉


Amy Cleaning
People, food and fun

Brazilians are all about people and food, which is great, because we love those things too. 🙂 Each day we would eat a huge lunch and we never knew who was going to be part of the fun. Churrascaria changed our lives!!!!




IMAG0677 IMAG0737

An attempt at sharing some Australian food with our friends. 😉 It turned into a combined Aussie/Brazilian lunch with a French dessert!


Family hang outs

During out time we had some great family moments. We stayed in a great little complex that we could stroll around in and hang out.



Hanging at this little playground was almost a daily adventure


A bit of Daddy, daughter fun



Thanks for an amazing few weeks Juan and Keila, friends, Hangar7 and Indaiatuba! We love you all!

Love Tim, Jess & Amy 🙂

Some places to stay in California by Tim

While we were in the US we travelled around California for three and a half weeks and stayed in some great places. We thought we’d blog on three of these private rentals for others thinking of travelling around Northern Cali.


When looking for accommodation we’ve really liked this website: www.homeaway.com. You can talk directly to the home owners and there are generally good priced options for different group numbers. We also use www.tripadvisor.com to check for extra reviews and options.

1. San Fransisco – Telegraph Hill

This was a great place to stay to start our adventure. It is a comfortable 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment that sleeps up to 4 people located in Telegraph Hill/ North Beach area. It’s located in the Italian quarter which we were incredibly excited about! YUM! There was lots to see and do in the area including cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops.

Of the major attractions San Francisco has to offer this place is walking distance to Coit Tower, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Embarcadero, The Cannery, Pier 39 (ferry to Alcatraz, Sausalito, Tiburon, etc.), Aquatic Park and China Town. However, you will need your walking legs. We had a hire car so we were able to drive to see the Golden Gate bridge, Sausalito and Golden Gate Park.

P.s – There are loads of hills around Telegraph Hill, it should be called Telegraph MASSIVE Hills ;-).

Apartment website and info here: Telegraph Hill

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.36.06 pm






Thought by Jess – If you’re not into walking, there is a bus stop JUST outside this apartment. I would stay here again in a heart beat, it’s not a large apartment, but the price and location are perfect!

2. Pine Mountain Lake (Yosemite area) – ‘The Escape’

This was such an amazing house in a beautiful gated community on Pine Mountain Lake. With 3 bedrooms (sleeping up to 8), 2 full bathrooms and two big living areas this place felt like a hideaway in the mountains. The lake area is breathtaking and fantastic for families with lots to do, especially in summer. It was close to the cute little town of Groveland where you can find shops, cafes and markets and perhaps most importantly… coffee.

Highlights for us were seeing lots of deer and squirrel from our balcony. This place is only 45 minutes drive to the Yosemite National Park entrance which is well worth a visit (One of the greatest experiences we’ve ever had).

House website and info here: ‘The Escape’

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.38.13 pm






Thought by Jess – This was a wonderful place to get away and recuperate. Fresh-air and eating Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream in the spa-bath was just what the doctor ordered. If I was rich, I’d buy a holiday house here.

3. Redding – Emerald Acres House

Emerald Acres House is a cute and cosy 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom guest house on a gorgeous farm in Redding. During our stay, each day we would tour the farm to see the horses, goats, sheep, chickens, cows, turkeys and playful dog. Amy was in heaven! This was a great place for us to get some rest and have time out after a big few months leading up to our trip.

A special shout-out to the amazing Bret and Valda Christensen who own the farm and are such wonderful hosts. They were always ready to help out to make our stay enjoyable.

If you’re there to visit Bethel Church, it’s only a 10 minute drive away and shops are also just a few minutes down the road. Some other sights around Redding include the Sundial Bridge, Shasta Dam, Whisky Lake and Lassen Park.

House website and info here: Emerald Acres House

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.43.48 pm







Thought by Jess – Absolutely perfect for those with kids or those wanting to stay a little further out-of-town. It’s not 5 star, but it was exactly what we wanted. We will be back!

We really enjoyed our stays in each of these places and had no problems with communication, payments or facilities. We would recommend considering these options if you’re ever travelling in these areas.


Isso é um sonho? (Em poruguese) por Tim

Último ano em março eu fazia parte de uma semana dois Despertar Global viagem ministério. Nossa equipe ministrou em várias igrejas e também foi para as ruas para abençoar as pessoas. Foi uma experiência de mudança de vida.

Após a viagem ministério terminou, eu tenho que sair com a tripulação em Hangar7 Igreja para o meu último par de dias no Brasil. Eu tive a oportunidade de falar a seu serviço e, em seguida, sair com alguns deles no dia seguinte. Essa última parte da minha viagem foi uma conexão tão divino e eu voltei para casa me sentindo como Deus tinha mais na loja a partir deste momento.

Aqui algumas fotos da viagem:







Agora estamos de volta ao Brasil como uma família e tem havido muitas vezes eu senti como se eu tivesse sido um sonho. Estou realmente de volta neste país? É a nossa família realmente aqui? Essas pessoas e experiências são reais? Isso é um sonho?

Esta emoção surgiu há duas semanas durante o nosso primeiro serviço em Hangar7 Igreja. Como chegamos ao parque, em Indaiatuba (onde têm o seu serviço a noite sexta-feira) eu estava tão animado para se reunir com muitas pessoas que conheci no ano passado. Isso é um sonho?

Durante o culto eu andava com Amy tendo na atmosfera e em um ponto que eu queria chorar. A emoção que senti foi tão avassaladora. Um sentido do amor de Deus e da graça que me trouxe de volta a este lugar. Mas ainda assim eu questionei, isso é um sonho?

Foi uma noite incrível e eu estava tão abençoado para falar no serviço. À medida que a noite terminou e chegamos em casa, ainda a questão sacudiu ao redor em minha mente, isto é um sonho?

Aqui estão algumas fotos da noite de sexta no Hangar7 para lhe dar uma idéia do que se passa:





Speaking at Hangar7


Temos agora estive aqui por duas semanas e tantas vezes Jess e eu vou olhar para o outro espantado e dizer: “Nós estamos no Brasil!”

Estar aqui é tão surreal, mas tão certo. É tão diferente, mas tão bom. As pessoas, o lugar ea cultura tiveram um impacto em nossas vidas e se tornou mais real a cada dia.

Levou um tempo, mas agora eu sei que isso não é um sonho. Obrigado Deus!

Viver seria uma grande aventura.


Is this a dream? (In English) by Tim

Last year in March I was part of a two week Global Awakening ministry trip. Our team ministered in a number of churches and also went to the streets to bless people. It was a life changing experience.

After the ministry trip finished, I got to hang out with the crew at Hangar7 Church for my last couple of days in Brazil. I had the opportunity to speak at their service and then hang out with a few of them the next day. This last portion of my trip was such a divine connection and I came home feeling like God had more in store from this time.

Here’s some pics from the trip:







Now we are back in Brazil as a family and there have been many times I have felt like I’ve been in a dream. Am I really back in this country? Is our family really here? Are these people and experiences real? Is this a dream?

This emotion emerged two weeks ago during our first service at Hangar7 Church. As we arrived at the park in Indaiatuba (where they hold their Friday night service) I was so excited to be reunited with many people I had met last year. Is this a dream?

During the worship I walked around with Amy taking in the atmosphere and at one point I wanted to cry. The emotion I felt was so overwhelming. A sense of Gods love and grace that had brought me back to this place. But still I questioned, is this a dream?

It was an amazing night and I was so blessed to speak at the service. As the night finished and we arrived home, still the question rattled around in my mind, is this a dream?

Here’s some pics of the Friday night at Hangar7 to give you an idea of what goes on:





Speaking at Hangar7


We’ve now been here for two weeks and so many times Jess and I will look at each other astonished and say, “We’re in Brazil!”

Being here feels so surreal but so right. It feels so different but so good. The people, the place and the culture have had an impact on our lives and it’s become more real every day.

It’s taken a while but I now know that this is not a dream. Thank you God!

To live would be an awfully big adventure.


My new siblings (in English and Portuguese) by Jess

Eu usei o Google Translator, por isso espero que a tradução é boa e você pode entender o que estou dizendo 🙂

A few Brazilians have asked me what my favourite thing about this place is. Easy… the people.
Poucos brasileiros têm-me perguntado o que a minha coisa favorita sobre este lugar é. Fácil … o povo.

The young guys and girls I’ve managed to talk with are amazing – they all have a story and I love to hear it. My only frustration is the language barrier, which unfortunately seriously limits conversation. I am interested in these people, I desire a deeper connection that goes beyond “Oi, tudo bem?” (Hi, how are you/everything good?).
Os jovens rapazes e raparigas eu consegui falar com incrível – todos eles têm uma história e eu gosto de ouvir. Minha única frustração é a barreira da língua, o que limita seriamente infelizmente conversa. Estou interessado nessas pessoas, eu desejo uma conexão mais profunda que vai além de “Oi, tudo bem?”

At the street (church) service last Friday night I was looking around at all the young adults and really felt like they were my younger siblings. I wanted to walk with them on their journey, encourage and pray for them. However, I know that’s not practical or possible due to our limited time here. I think that’s the way Tim and I function regardless of which country we’re in. We want to know how people’s hearts are and we want to share ours with them. True community is something we value so much.
No serviço de rua (igreja) última sexta-feira à noite eu estava olhando em volta para todos os adultos jovens e realmente senti como se fossem meus irmãos mais novos. Eu queria andar com eles em sua jornada, incentivar e orar por eles. No entanto, eu sei que não é prático ou possível devido ao nosso tempo limitado aqui. Eu acho que essa é a maneira Tim e eu funcionar independentemente de qual país estamos dentro Queremos saber como o coração das pessoas é e queremos compartilhar nossa com eles. A verdadeira comunidade é algo que valorizamos muito.

Juan and Keila (Pastors of Hangar7) are doing an amazing job mentoring the people around them. They want Hangar7 to be full of people known for their integrity and good character. Their passion is to see heaven’s values reflected in the people that attend their church and then their city. What a powerful calling!
Juan e Keila (Pastores da Hangar7) estão fazendo um trabalho incrível mentoring as pessoas ao seu redor. Eles querem Hangar7 estar cheio de pessoas conhecidas por sua integridade e bom caráter. Sua paixão é ver os valores do céu refletido nas pessoas que freqüentam a igreja e, em seguida, a sua cidade. O que um chamado poderoso!


It’s been interesting learning about the culture and the church history here. Apparently in the 90’s there was a lot of corruption in the church and so reaching out to people can be difficult. This is a nation that is sceptical of authority and for good reason. The political environment here makes me realise how blessed I am to be an Australian. The level of political corruption in Brazil is so foreign to me, yet it is apart of their every day lives. The people talk about it naturally but you can hear the frustration and disappointment in their voices. Despite everything these young people I’ve met have been through and the political environment in Brazil, their love for God and others is inspirational. They support each other and drop everything to lend a hand, even if they just met you.
Tem sido interessante de aprendizagem sobre a cultura ea história da igreja aqui. Aparentemente, na década de 90 não havia muita corrupção na igreja e assim chegar às pessoas pode ser difícil. Esta é uma nação que é cético em relação a autoridade e por boas razões. O ambiente político aqui me faz perceber como sou abençoada para ser um Australiana. O nível de corrupção política no Brasil é tão estranho para mim, mas é separado de suas vidas cotidianas. As pessoas falam sobre isso naturalmente, mas você pode ouvir a frustração e decepção em suas vozes. Apesar de tudo estes jovens que eu conheci já passaram eo ambiente político no Brasil, seu amor a Deus e aos outros é inspiradora. Eles apoiam-se mutuamente e largar tudo para dar uma mão, mesmo que acabou de conhecer você.

Proverbs 17:17
Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.

Provérbios 17:17
Amigos amor por todos os tipos de clima, e as famílias se unem em todos os tipos de problemas.

I love them all. Not as a collective group of people, but as individuals with their own strengths and struggles. Although we’ll be moving on soon, I know that we have made connections that will last a life-time. Unfortunately due to the language barrier, I don’t feel like there is a lot I can offer my new siblings, but thankfully love is greater than language. They are family and family stick together in all the seasons of life. This means that Tim and I will continue to love these young men and women wherever we are, however we can.
Eu amo todos eles. Não como um grupo coletivo de pessoas, mas como indivíduos com suas próprias forças e lutas. Embora nós vamos estar se movendo em breve, eu sei que nós fizemos conexões que vai durar um tempo de vida. Infelizmente, devido à barreira da língua, eu não sinto que há muita coisa que eu posso oferecer aos meus novos irmãos, mas, felizmente, o amor é maior do que a linguagem. Eles são a família ea família ficar juntos em todas as estações da vida. Isso significa que Tim e eu vou continuar a amar esses homens e mulheres jovens onde quer que estejamos, no entanto, pode.

Love Jess xxoo

A week of firsts by Tim

We’ve been in Brazil just over one week now and during this time we’ve experienced many ‘firsts’. It’s been so exciting trying new foods, meeting new people and immersing ourselves in this new culture. Here are some of the ‘firsts’ we’ve experienced this past week.

First time in a non-speaking country as a family

For Jess and Amy this is their first time in a non-english speaking country. This is also the first time for our whole family together. It’s been intriguing and sometimes challenging but we’re making the most of it. Using lots of non-verbal gestures always makes for lots of laughter and smiles. Lots of the Brazilians we’re hanging out with speak a bit of English so this has helped a lot.

Speaking Portugese

First time trying this amazing drink – Guaraná (gwa-ra-NAH)

A delicious soft drink made from a fruit only found in Brazil! We can’t get enough of it!


Amy’s first hair cut

Thanks to Pri, Amy had her first hair cut! She’s such a cutie and she was so good.

Amy's first hair cut

Açaí (ah-sah-EE) Where have you been all my life! 

YUUUUUMMMM!!!!! A South American fruit that is made into a frozen puree. Amazing with granola, fruit, sweetened condensed milk and just about anything!

First Acai

Jess’ first time speaking with an interpreter

Jess had the great honour of speaking to the girls of Hangar7 at their womens service. This was her first time speaking with a translator, and an amazing translator she was!!!! Thanks Keila for making us sound amazing when we speak. Que?!!!!

Jess speaking

Jess’ first time meeting lots of her friends face-to-face

After my trip to Brazil in 2013 I came back with over 150 new friends on Facebook! Jess also gained some new Facebook friends. Throughout the last year we’ve had many skype and FB conversations with some of these amazing people.

Boaz Skype

Jess has now been able to meet them in person for the first time! It was like they had always known each other!


First time this long away from family…


It’s now 6 weeks since we left Australia. Time has gone so quickly and we think about our home often. This is the first time we’ve been away from family, friends and home this long. But thanks to Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp they’re never to far away!!!

I love Brazil

I do love this place. We’ve had lots of amazing ‘firsts’ already. Plenty more to come I’m sure.


My top 10 travel favs by Jess

After seven flights and eight or more sleeping locations, these are my current ten travel favs (not in any order)…



Thank you Lord for WhatsApp! It is the international travellers best connection with home. WhatsApp is an application for mobile phones that lets you send all sorts of communication to your contacts via data. When we have wifi we share all sorts of things with our families and friends. They probably have a greater window into our every days lives now then when we were in Australia. It’s also easy for us to record a video or voice message and forward it to a whole lot of people.


Tim and I have become been fans of Berocca after having Amy, but I’ve got to say I find it a tad expensive. We brought two tubs away with us and have found it wonderful with coping with jet-lag. We weren’t able to find in the USA, so I’ve put it on my birthday wish list for when my folks come visit in June.



I love to read. I also love reading good books and although I prefer a physical book, when travelling OS it’s impossible to cart more than one book all over the globe. Hence, my Kindle is one of my fav items. When all our belongings got stolen I downloaded an app onto the iPad just so I could finish my book. It was great!


The Kindle is especially useful on long flights when Amy is sleeping awkwardly on my lap. Turning on the in-flight entertainment unit is often too bright, so having a Kindle is a God-send for those times when I can’t sleep but everyone else is. At the moment I’m reading Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton.

Black skirt (plus leggings)

With limited space and clothes it’s hard to feel glamorous or pretty. I threw this skirt in at the last-minute and I’m so glad I did.


Wearing a skirt helps me feel more feminine after days wearing the same pants. Leggings are great too, because it means I can wear this skirt in two different climates.


Following on from above, throwing a little scarf on can just make the same outfit look a little different or more dressy.


I love this little guy and it’s so old that I have no idea where I got it from. Scarfs like this are great because they don’t take up a lot of room and are light-weight.

Red lipstick


I’m not sure if you noticed, but I’m quite pale 🙂 When I’m tired or feeling a little average a fun lip colour does a lot to ‘lift’ my face. I bought this Revlon Colorburst #250 Standout in the US from Target for about $6.50 USD. I actually saw it on Katie Torwalt’s instagram feed ‘mytravelingcloset’ and loved it so much, I waited till I was there to buy it.


I don’t mind having curly hair, but sometimes stuff like this happens…


 Enough said!

BB cream

Praise the Lord for mums. My mum gave this to me before we left and I love it. Although I love getting glammed up with the rest of them, I normally don’t wear a lot a make-up. This BB cream is wonderful to put on to give my skin an even tone.


Sunscreen Moisturiser

I also feel like I don’t need to explain this one. I put on a moisturiser with Sunscreen if we’re going out 🙂 I’m using a Natio brand.

Nail polish

Every now and then a girl just needs a bit of colour on her toes. I love OPI – Too hot pink to hold’em.  I don’t usually spend a lot on nail-polish, because I’ve never found it worth the money, but I got this on sale in Aus and love the colour.


I’ll probably post a blog of my top travel favs for Amy soon, so keep an eye out for that one too.

Love Jess xxoo