Is this a dream? (In English) by Tim

Last year in March I was part of a two week Global Awakening ministry trip. Our team ministered in a number of churches and also went to the streets to bless people. It was a life changing experience.

After the ministry trip finished, I got to hang out with the crew at Hangar7 Church for my last couple of days in Brazil. I had the opportunity to speak at their service and then hang out with a few of them the next day. This last portion of my trip was such a divine connection and I came home feeling like God had more in store from this time.

Here’s some pics from the trip:







Now we are back in Brazil as a family and there have been many times I have felt like I’ve been in a dream. Am I really back in this country? Is our family really here? Are these people and experiences real? Is this a dream?

This emotion emerged two weeks ago during our first service at Hangar7 Church. As we arrived at the park in Indaiatuba (where they hold their Friday night service) I was so excited to be reunited with many people I had met last year. Is this a dream?

During the worship I walked around with Amy taking in the atmosphere and at one point I wanted to cry. The emotion I felt was so overwhelming. A sense of Gods love and grace that had brought me back to this place. But still I questioned, is this a dream?

It was an amazing night and I was so blessed to speak at the service. As the night finished and we arrived home, still the question rattled around in my mind, is this a dream?

Here’s some pics of the Friday night at Hangar7 to give you an idea of what goes on:





Speaking at Hangar7


We’ve now been here for two weeks and so many times Jess and I will look at each other astonished and say, “We’re in Brazil!”

Being here feels so surreal but so right. It feels so different but so good. The people, the place and the culture have had an impact on our lives and it’s become more real every day.

It’s taken a while but I now know that this is not a dream. Thank you God!

To live would be an awfully big adventure.


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