Our time with Hangar7 – Indaiatuba


BOM DIA! – Good morning. We’ve been in Brazil for four weeks now and have spent this time in the city of Indaiatuba hanging out with Hangar7 Church. Here’s a recap about what we’ve been up to.

Our amazing family and hosts

This is Juan and Keila, pastors of Hangar7. They are doing such an amazing job and were such a blessing to us while we stayed with them and their family. Thanks familia!


 The whole familia!

Services and speaking

We both had the great opportunity to speak to Hangar7 in a number of services. We felt so privileged and excited to see what God is doing in the lives of the young people. Here’s some pics:

Sexta Life – Friday nights in the street


Speaking at Hangar7

 Sunday night services – At the new Hangar7 building




Helping out at Hangar7

We had great opportunities to observe this church and learn about the Brazilian culture. We also got to help out in a few areas. Tim was able to help with planning for their Training, Alpha and also help out around the church with painting. Jess was able to help with some admin and planning.

This is the office…


That transforms into lunch…


And then back into an office…

Amy also helped out where she could too 😉


Amy Cleaning
People, food and fun

Brazilians are all about people and food, which is great, because we love those things too. 🙂 Each day we would eat a huge lunch and we never knew who was going to be part of the fun. Churrascaria changed our lives!!!!




IMAG0677 IMAG0737

An attempt at sharing some Australian food with our friends. 😉 It turned into a combined Aussie/Brazilian lunch with a French dessert!


Family hang outs

During out time we had some great family moments. We stayed in a great little complex that we could stroll around in and hang out.



Hanging at this little playground was almost a daily adventure


A bit of Daddy, daughter fun



Thanks for an amazing few weeks Juan and Keila, friends, Hangar7 and Indaiatuba! We love you all!

Love Tim, Jess & Amy 🙂

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