My top 10 travel favs by Jess

After seven flights and eight or more sleeping locations, these are my current ten travel favs (not in any order)…



Thank you Lord for WhatsApp! It is the international travellers best connection with home. WhatsApp is an application for mobile phones that lets you send all sorts of communication to your contacts via data. When we have wifi we share all sorts of things with our families and friends. They probably have a greater window into our every days lives now then when we were in Australia. It’s also easy for us to record a video or voice message and forward it to a whole lot of people.


Tim and I have become been fans of Berocca after having Amy, but I’ve got to say I find it a tad expensive. We brought two tubs away with us and have found it wonderful with coping with jet-lag. We weren’t able to find in the USA, so I’ve put it on my birthday wish list for when my folks come visit in June.



I love to read. I also love reading good books and although I prefer a physical book, when travelling OS it’s impossible to cart more than one book all over the globe. Hence, my Kindle is one of my fav items. When all our belongings got stolen I downloaded an app onto the iPad just so I could finish my book. It was great!


The Kindle is especially useful on long flights when Amy is sleeping awkwardly on my lap. Turning on the in-flight entertainment unit is often too bright, so having a Kindle is a God-send for those times when I can’t sleep but everyone else is. At the moment I’m reading Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton.

Black skirt (plus leggings)

With limited space and clothes it’s hard to feel glamorous or pretty. I threw this skirt in at the last-minute and I’m so glad I did.


Wearing a skirt helps me feel more feminine after days wearing the same pants. Leggings are great too, because it means I can wear this skirt in two different climates.


Following on from above, throwing a little scarf on can just make the same outfit look a little different or more dressy.


I love this little guy and it’s so old that I have no idea where I got it from. Scarfs like this are great because they don’t take up a lot of room and are light-weight.

Red lipstick


I’m not sure if you noticed, but I’m quite pale 🙂 When I’m tired or feeling a little average a fun lip colour does a lot to ‘lift’ my face. I bought this Revlon Colorburst #250 Standout in the US from Target for about $6.50 USD. I actually saw it on Katie Torwalt’s instagram feed ‘mytravelingcloset’ and loved it so much, I waited till I was there to buy it.


I don’t mind having curly hair, but sometimes stuff like this happens…


 Enough said!

BB cream

Praise the Lord for mums. My mum gave this to me before we left and I love it. Although I love getting glammed up with the rest of them, I normally don’t wear a lot a make-up. This BB cream is wonderful to put on to give my skin an even tone.


Sunscreen Moisturiser

I also feel like I don’t need to explain this one. I put on a moisturiser with Sunscreen if we’re going out 🙂 I’m using a Natio brand.

Nail polish

Every now and then a girl just needs a bit of colour on her toes. I love OPI – Too hot pink to hold’em.  I don’t usually spend a lot on nail-polish, because I’ve never found it worth the money, but I got this on sale in Aus and love the colour.


I’ll probably post a blog of my top travel favs for Amy soon, so keep an eye out for that one too.

Love Jess xxoo

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