Some happy snaps by Tim

Redding – A beautiful farm, wonderful animals and some good relaxation P1020687


“Hello Horsey!” (Pony) was Amy’s adventure every morning, she was in heaven with so many animals to see!


Coffee, coffee, coffee at Brew!


Combined Churches Good Friday service in Redding. AMAZING!


This crazy man is Chad. He’s a world changer and fire master! He and his wife Julia always encourage and inspire us. It was so great to see them.


This little kid melts our hearts everyday. It’s been such an blessing creating some incredibly family memories together.

Redwoods – One of the most amazing places we’ve ever experienced. Momentous and spiritually inspiring!


These trees are hundreds (some over a thousand) of years old and have been growing in secret beyond our reach. But God knew them all, even before they were giants, He saw them grow.

P1020801 P1020755 P1020765

Wilmington, North Carolina – Love this place! (Jess has declared she’s moving here :-P)


Our good friends Mike and Karen – We met these guys at a conference in Pennsylvania when we came to the US in 2011. It was a quick but divine connection. We spent 5 days with them in Wilmington and had a blast.


Wilmington… where Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Iron Man 3 and half of Nicholas Sparks movies were shot.

P1020930 P1020959Amy loved ‘Uncle’ Mike


Bottles and bottles!


Watching Little League. A truly American past time and so much fun!


P1030029“GO Nationals!”


Amy’s first time on a boat, lucky she had her turtle life jacket.



Brave, ready to take on the world.


My girls – Dancing free!


BFFs – Even after a month of travelling 😉


Lunch on the boat after exploring Figure 8 Island. We shared our vegemite sandwiches!


Thank you Wilmington… Until we meet again.

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