Daily bread – A testimony by Jess

Give us today our daily bread.   Matthew 6 v 11

When we told our family about our trip, I mentioned that we didn’t know how we’d pay for it. My brother responded by saying that God would provide whatever we would need, but maybe it would be just enough… like in Matthew 6 v 11. In my experience from our other trips, this is usually the case.

Here is a daily bread testimony from the last few days:

~ Yesterday someone anonymously gave us $500.

~ Today we decided it was time to book our flights to the USA, so Tim got an updated quote from our travel agent. The total came to about $3500.

~ We had someone come around to help us process our tax. The estimated return was $3200 (I paid a lot of tax while I was on maternity leave).

~ Tim got the final quote from the travel agent including travel insurance, which came to $3,565.

~ We’ll book the flights on Friday.

Thank you Lord for our daily bread!

Love Jess xxoo

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