A work in me by Jess

One example of God’s amazing work in me over the last two years is that I’m actually willing to move overseas. This may sound exciting to most of you, but for someone like me who likes to be close to family and friends, it’s pretty scary… or used to be.

When Tim and I first got married, he was desperate to move overseas for a year. Tim, ever the adventurer, was ready to see the big wide world, but he married me. I was more than happy to travel on holiday, but I wanted to be near my support network. Poor Tim. However, God had other work for us to do. We ended up on short-term trips in…



the UK


and the USA,


because of our work with Youth and church.

What surprises me most about this change, is when it was just the two of us, I wasn’t willing to go. But now, with our gorgeous daughter and knowing the value of having supportive family and friends close-by, I feel ok about leaving. I would have thought that having Amy would make me even more protective of my close proximity to ‘home’, but I’m not. I feel excited and energised by it. That’s how I know it’s a God-thing.

I’m not naive, I know I will miss everyone and sometimes I’ll wish my sister or mum were a quick drive or phone call away. However, in spite of knowing all of this, like I said, I still want to go. It doesn’t freak me out like it did in the past. I want to love the kids and women trapped in horrible situations in distant lands. I want to serve as best as I can. I want to follow wherever God leads us, and this time, it’s overseas.

Love Jess xxoo

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