Good bye for a little while by Tim

This is the day. The Greenwood’s are setting off!

The Greenwoods 2

It’s been fun planning, preparing our hearts and getting everything ready but now it’s time for the next step. It’s going to feel great to be on the plane after a big few months!

The latest plan for the Greenwood’s is to spend 1 month in the US, 3 months in Brazil and then head onto Thailand to see what God has in store.

IMAG0146     IMAG0148


We will be volunteering with a number of groups that work with those in the sex trade industry, a dark and deeply engrained industry that has spread throughout the globe.

We will miss our families. A LOT!

Crazy bunch of people!

We will miss our great friends in Australia. A LOT!

We will see some of our amazing international friends soon.

We hope to make many new friends along the way.

We desire to see God in a whole new way and soar higher (Voe mais alto) than we ever have before!

Voe Mais Alto

Our little family is heading off on what we can only describe as an adventure. We don’t totally know what awaits but we step out in eager expectation, knowing that we have so much incredible support behind us. We also have great confidence knowing that God is watching over us and laughing with us.

We’ll try to keep our blog updated as we journey around and serve and observe some incredible ministries around the world.

So, good bye for a little while. We’ll see you when we return; when, only God knows. We do know this:


 We choose to live.

Love you all. Tim, Jess and Amy.

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