4 songs for the season by Jess

Dear friends, I just thought I’d share four songs that have meant a lot to me during the last few months. These songs have been a source comfort, strength and encouragement in moments when I have felt both very weak and very strong.  I’ve pulled out just a line or two that have really spoken to me, I hope they speak to you as well.

Click on each title to access the song.

We Dance – Bethel Music, You make me Brave
I’ve been told, to pick up my sword and fight for love
Little did I know that love had won for me P1030104

(Figure 8 Island, Willmington, North Carolina)

Carry On – Heartland, Alive in You
Because when I’m weak you make me strong
You make me strong enough to carry on P1020768

(Redwood National Park, California)

Hoist Your Sail – Archaeologist, Before the Start
Darling lift your eyes, can you see that sunrise
Think of what this brings, a new day that begs to be explored

P1040755 copy

(View from our apartment in Rio de Janeiro)

Give me Jesus – Bethel Music, Tides
The original hymn is an old African-American spiritual written during the time of slavery in the Untied States.

You can have all this world, give me Jesus P1030556 copy

(Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro)

Love Jess xxoo

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