Time with The River – by Tim

We recently spent two weeks looking, listening and learning at The River ministry in Hang Dong, Thailand. Led by Erik and Marianna Klar The River team aim to raise, train and empower people to be effective through their lives and in their communities. The journey has taken many years of making connections and serving the people of Thailand but this team has seen many lives transformed in a number of areas around the country.

Here are some of the highlights from our visit to The River…



It was here that we really got to learn about Thai culture and customs. We learnt to always wear footwear that was easy to take on and off regularly. Suited me greatly!


We found some great places to explore. There are loads of coffee shops all over Thailand and Chiang Mai was booming with caffeinated goodness! The photo below was taken at The River Cafe where we got great food and coffee or fruit shakes.



We also got to feed some giraffes and many other animals at the Chiang Mai Night Safari! Paradise for a two-year old who is obsessed with animals.



We got to hang out with many amazing people including these basket cases!!! We’ve known the Rudresh family for many years and it was so great to spend time with them and be blessed by their lives of faith.


I had a great experience going to a mountain village with Erik, Rudy and Colin. It was a great day meeting with locals, connecting with the pastor in that region and hearing about what God was doing. I left very inspired and blessed.




I also had the opportunity to visit The River ministry in Bangkok. I went down with Erik Klar and two others, Corinne and Steph. We walked the streets and prayerfully observed the environments of the bustling city. From the simple alleyways to the booming malls and to the red-light districts we covered a lot of ground via trains, taxi’s, tuk-tuks and lots of walking. It was a great day!




Back in Hang Dong as much as we could we participated in prayer meetings, kids clubs and church services. It was an amazing environment and Jess and I felt refreshed and blessed by been there.



After our two weeks we moved on once again. It was sad to leave this place but we hope to visit there again one day.  Thank you Erik and Marianna and Rudy and Lara and all the team for some great memories!


From Tim

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