On our descent by Tim


We’ve been on a few planes this year. Some flights have been as long as 14 hours and some as short as 50 minutes. It’s the short trips that are rather amusing. You reach maximum altitude and then about 10 minutes later an announcement rings out, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain, we are now starting our descent….’ We’ve heard this many times and it’s always a comforting relief.

For our family we feel like we’ve heard the call from our ‘captain’ and we’re starting our descent home. 🙂

The prospect of coming home produces many emotions; excitement, nervousness, joy and the anticipation of a cold press and avo smash! We’re looking forward to some down time and giving ourselves space to digest all that has happened. We don’t know what the future holds but we know who holds our future.

We are currently in Vietnam, observing and serving. We plan to connect with a couple of groups in Cambodia (if it all works out), then spend some time in Bangkok before we hit Australian shores. We’ll be home in four to six weeks. WOW!

See you soon Australia, the adventure continues.

Tim, Jess & Amy

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