This time last year

This time last year we were in Brazil, in a smaller city called Indaiatuba to be exact. Tim and I love talking about the things we learned and memories we have from that time. Man, what a difference a year makes. We arrived in Brazil not knowing any Portuguese, and unsure about what we’d really be doing for the next 3 months. By the time we left, Amy had turned two, we knew some basic phrases, could follow along with conversation and had met people from all walks of life. Of all the countries we visited, Brazil is the place we want to go back to. The people, the culture and various groups we visited captured our hearts. In short… we fell in love with the people of Brazil.


Flash forward to today. We now have an addition to our family. A beautiful Baby Girl called Bella Rose. That’s right, the ‘he’ turned out to be a she, which bought giggles of laughter from Tim and I in the delivery room. Once again we find ourselves in uncharted waters, but I know this for sure, we have totally and completely fallen in love with this precious girl. The name Bella links back to Tim’s Mum and her Italian heritage and means beautiful. This is how we see Bella, she is absolutely beautiful inside and out, a gift to our family.


Tim and I often talk about memories from our 7 months overseas, little moments in time that we suddenly recall. That season in lands far away has absolutely impacted our life here and how we approach things. Our prayer is that every season in our lives will leave us changed with greater perspective; we’re sure this next phase of our family life will do just that. It’s once again time to Voe Mais Alto, which means To Soar Higher.


Love Jess xxoo

One thought on “This time last year

  1. Great story Jess and Tim. So glad to have some locals who also love that part of the world as we do. Judy and I go there again in June. First to Chile and our old church and then onto Riberalta, Bolivia which is on the Brazilian border. It will be amazing to see how this impacts your future. The Lord uses these seasons to create our destiny and the journey is so much fun for each of us but also so unique for each of us. I’m going to enjoy watching to see what He does with it all. Enjoy Bella. You’re blessed.
    Gary Levens

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