A little light

I haven’t posted in a while – I have written, but not posted. For some reason I feel as though this one might make it, but we will see.

An older friend recently commented that she thought the world was going down the toilet. I understand given recent global events, but if you look back through history, tragedy, war, slavery and the love of money and self are nothing new.

Knowing this does not make me indifferent by any count. I read stories about sex trafficking, see pictures of war and starvation on the TV, witness friends lives blindsided by the death of a family member, the ache of infertility, depression, sickness and so on. It can be crippling and leave your heart aching.

“Well Jess, this is all rather depressing”, I hear you thinking. The realities of life can be at times, but there is good news as well. I also read stories of great courage, see pictures of aid organisations helping others on the TV and I witness friends pick up the pieces of their lives and move slowly towards healing. It is encouraging and can leave your heart full of hope.

The sweetest thing I’ve ever heard
Is I don’t have to have the answers
Just a little light to call my own
– Sleeping at last

And here is my little light, it is the best news… it is beyond good, I can hardly describe it:

P1070610 copy

Obviously I don’t have the answers and I don’t pretend to, but this prophecy by Zachariah (about Jesus) recorded in Luke 1, fills my heart with joy. According to this ancient text Jesus has already visited us and He is available to guide us to the path of peace amongst unrest. So, I ask Him today to show me how to bring peace and find peace in my day and in the world I live in.

If you need Morning Light from Heaven (as I daily do), He is here. He is with you. He is for you. He will guide you.

I picture it a little like this:


Love Jess

PS – Life is a rather grand adventure isn’t it? There is so much to learn about and so many different ways to ‘grow’ as a person. You may not hear from me as much as you used to because there are things that I am learning that are only meant for me. We shall see what happens as the adventure continues to unfold.



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