Lives that matter: Overseas and at home

I have been debating if I should post something given all that is happening in the USA since the murder of George Floyd. What can and should a white, mid-thirties female in Australia say? Should I say anything at all?

And so now…

I want to make sure that the Black community in the USA feels a global outpouring of love.

We have heard your voice across the sea. To honour and support you, I turn my attention to see where racism lies in my own culture. I will admit that I am often blind to the difficulties others face because of their skin colour or ethnicity. I pledge to learn and educate myself further. It is not enough to say I am not a racist, I need to develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the injustices that people face every day.

I have decided to provide links to a few articles, resources and ways to get involved that can help us find our way. These are only a few, but they also point to other places to become educated.

This ABC Hack article. There are many links in this article; I highly, highly recommend it.

Australians Together – Resources for Australian Churches

Common Grace – Resources for Australian Churches

Bridging the Gap Foundation

First Australians (Documentary)

The Little Red Yellow Black Book

Marcia Langton: Welcome to Country (Book)



Lastly, here are details for rallies in Australia on Saturday 6th June 2020. The main concern is social distancing… COVID-19 is still something to consider.

I know within my own community there are many people who have more experience in this area, so please feel free to list other resources in the comments section (either here or via social media).

Stay safe, stay wise, keep learning and keep loving.

Love Jess xxoo

PS – I found this segment by James Corden powerful.

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