Nomads? by Tim

Just over a week ago the Greenwoods moved out of our home. We built our house three and a half years ago and have loved living in our very own home. But now we have started a new season. We’re staying with friends for two weeks, then we’ll head over to Jess’ parents for a few weeks, and finally stay with my folks until we leave.


Are we travellers, movers, pioneers, nomads? I can’t really tell. This week has been exciting, surreal and honestly, I feel a little out of place. We technically won’t have a permanent address or home until we get to Thailand and that isn’t until August; six months away. Six months could feel like a long time for people who aren’t used to being nomads.

As I processed the ‘out of place’ feelings from the last week, I felt the Holy Spirit say ‘Heaven is your home’. It was a strange but comforting thought. I felt like God was saying that no matter where we’ll be living over the next season, we would find our comfort, our security and sense of home in Him. That’s awesome!

A song I’ve been singing all week is ‘Heaven Song‘ by our amazing Nexus Church Youth band. The lyrics in the bridge are:

Heaven is my destiny, in Heaven I belong, Heaven’s where I’m headed, Heaven is my song……

These words ring true for me and I’m sure I’ll play this track many more times on our travels. We are citizens of heaven, just hanging out here on earth for a while. Heaven is our home.


So even though we’re heading into a season of being nomads, regardless of where we live, heaven should be my home. I’ll take comfort in that.