A day in the prayer room with Mummy and Daddy by Amy

I like going to the prayer room some days with Mummy and Daddy. It’s a big adventure and I have lots of fun there. It can be a big day but I’m a big girl so I am very good (except for when I’m not).

When Mummy and Daddy wake up in the morning they don’t look so good. Lucky they have coffee to wake them up. I don’t know why they are so tired, I sleep really well!


This is the prayer room. It’s really big and I walk around everywhere so Mummy and Daddy can get their daily exercise as they follow me. I like the pretty lights on the back wall.


This is what I can see from one of the windows. Mummy and Daddy say that there are lots of people here that need our prayers.


I like to look out another window and I can see Jesus! I can spot him everywhere. “Hi Jesus”.


I pray too, my prayers usual go… “Dear Jesus, thank you for moon (food) and for teddy. I want cake. Amen.”


This is my prayer wall that I like to draw on. I drew a picture of Jesus on a hill and he is looking after the children. I also put love heart stickers on the picture. Daddy’s drawing is next to mine.


Mummy likes my prayer wall too. She likes to write nice things to Jesus while I play.


Mummy and me like to draw and play together and we sometimes wear matching colours!


A trip to the prayer room is never complete without playing with play-doh. Mummy makes duckies and babies with blankets. Daddy isn’t as good, but he tries.


I also bring my toys because some days we stay for a while.

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I also like playing with STICKERS! They are my favourite!!!

Mummy and Daddy would never go the prayer room without snacks, crayons and paper, stickers and a few toys. Without them, our day can be a little tough. They just thought you should know 😉


Playing and praying is thirsty work, especially when the water comes out of a water-cooler. I often need a top up even if there’s still some water in the cup.


Daddy can get a bit tired praying as well. I bring the iPad for him so he can watch my Charlie Bear cartoon when he gets bored.


I don’t sleep when we go to the prayer room, but mum makes me lay down sometimes. I pretend and shut my eyes for about 10 seconds.


I rarely get to take my shoes off, but when I do, my feet get a bit dirty. I think that’s fun, but Mummy doesn’t think so when she carries me home and I wrap my legs around her.


I love Caroline and Caitlin a lot. They are my friends and when they see me they smile. They are very lovely singers.


I like to play music too and I’m a really good drummer! Watch my fun video – Amy drumming (right click and open in new tab)

When it’s time to go I wave and say ‘Ciao’ to my friends and they giggle. I don’t know what’s so funny about saying goodbye.


Bye… Kiss? Mwah!

Love Amy