Be here now by Jess

I recently re-read a book by John and Stasi Eldridge called Captivating in which they told a story of a lady whose family’s motto was ‘Be here now’. I think the struggle for people who are moving onto something new is how to live in the current season whilst planning and dreaming of the next. It is my prayer to ‘be here now’ in every season of my life, even the tough ones.


I remember after we had Amy, telling a few people that I was trying to live in the season. As many mums know, there are lots of sacrifices and things you miss out on with a new baby to look after, especially if you’re used to being heavily involved in ministry. So, taking the lessons learned during that time and bringing them into this ‘in between’ season, Tim and I want to make sure that we are present in this moment. We want to make sure we are still engaged with the life we’re currently living. We still need to work, go to parties, catch up with people and love and minister to those around us. If God had already intended us to move on from where we are, then this season would already be over. However, we’re still in Brisbane, so we will be here now. Oddly enough, on the way to work the other morning I was thinking about this phrase and I walked past a busker who was singing “Be here, be here, be here now.” Haha, oh Lord, you are so funny.

Let’s be honest, there are times when I’m doing something and think, “How pointless is this compared to what I hope is to come.” But, in those moments I have to make a choice to be here now; to honour God and others around me by not disconnecting before the right time. I choose to be here now.

Love Jess xxoo

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