We’ll give thanks to you with gratitude
For lessons learned in how to trust in you
That we are blessed beyond what we could ever dream in abundance or in need
– Nichole Nordeman

As Tim’s job searching marches into it’s third month and my job prospects are close to nil due to limited availability and the approaching birth of our little boy in May, there is so much that I’m grateful for.

I am grateful for our overseas trip and the timing of it all. I treasure all the things we did and places we went and I have no regrets, not one.

I am grateful that when we returned from overseas that someone generously gave us a car. Having only one car in this day and age is extremely difficult, but having no car at all isn’t really viable. What an incredible bless.

I am grateful for my lovely house and the air-conditioning we installed when we moved in all those years ago (dang it’s so hot at the moment).

I am grateful that although Tim is currently job-hunting, that we can spend this time together as a family. It’s a wonderful opportunity not to be missed or dismissed. I am also grateful that Tim has been able to pick up a few days of labouring work here and there. That little bit of money is a godsend. Really, I’m grateful for every dollar and I’m not over-exaggerating.

I am grateful for my family and the monthly lunches we have with each side. Lunches that are filled with laughter, deep conversations and a genuine interest in each others lives. I know how blessed I am.

I am grateful for my sisters who share the everyday stories, sympathize with me on the down days and laugh at the funny things Amy has done.

I am grateful for my friends who send me pictures of their clothes when they can’t decide what to wear, discuss how much coffee they’ve had and over-share about the weird things our bodies or minds are doing.

I am grateful that although I live in an expensive country that the public health system runs fairly well, our public schools are well funded, politicians are uncorrupted (as far as I know) and I don’t have to carry a gun for personal security.

Sometimes I’m grateful for the small things, like my brother making me a delicious coffee this morning. Other times, it’s for the bigger seasonal things that I am learning, like God teaching me about rest and that at times it’s necessary to slow everything down in order to dream again.

In a culture that teaches happiness is based on what we have or more often don’t have, it’s good to be grateful and I am ever so grateful!

Love Jess xxoo

A Major Update: Trust without borders

Since January 2014 until now, we have slept in 24 locations and had 14 flights (not including domestic transfers). Our family has travelled through five countries and stayed in 20 different cities/towns. During this time we’ve met many people who have inspired us and seen sights that have amazed us. Our experiences have changed us greatly and it certainly has been an adventure!


Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Lyrics from Oceans, Hillsong

Well… It’s time to update you all on what’s been going on behind the scenes over the last two months and let you know what’s in store for the Greenwood clan.

Firstly, from us to you, THANKS. Thank to all the people who have prayed for us, followed our journey, given money, sent us emails and FaceBook messages and encouraged us when we needed it. Some of you are from Aus, some the USA, some Brazil and the list is growing. Without you, this journey would have been a lot harder. We honour you for taking time out of your busy lives and in-putting into ours.

Now for the update, we originally planned on spending a year in Thailand in Chiang Mai with a group called Destiny Rescue. However because of some visa complications and changes this is no longer possible at this time, there may be other options in the future. In knowing this we’ve been waiting to see what doors God would open.

So the Greenwoods flew into Thailand uncertain of what we would be doing in two weeks but feeling peaceful without knowing the next step. After a few days in Bangkok (spent mostly in hospital with Influenza A), we headed to Patong, Phuket for a missions conference. The conference was not only inspiring, but also provided us with connections all over Asia.


A few things have helped us decide what the next step is:

1. Re-reading the ‘about us’ section of our blog and coming back to what we felt God was calling us to do.

2. The realisation that once we fall pregnant again, we’ll need to ‘settle’ somewhere and will probably be unable to move around as much. This is a unique season.

3. Going back over a few prophetic words that emphasise the importance of timing and that there was something we were meant to do for a specific time.

4. Our interest in human trafficking/prostitution and therefore community transformation.

With all this in mind… we have (scarily) decided that perhaps our travels aren’t over yet. We feel that we’re meant to continue to travel to a few more groups around Asia to serve and observe what they are doing. It’s all about following God’s direction for where to go and how long to stay.

The complexities of constant travel are not unfamiliar to us. There are the cultural changes, language barriers, unfamiliar environments and looking into visas and flights which is never easy. However, when we talk about this idea, we’re filled with excitement and peace. We can set our own pace and we know what our family can and can not handle more these days.


There is an organisation called Doctors without Borders. DWB are doctors who provide medical care to people regardless of gender, race, religion, creed or political affiliation, because they believe that the needs of these people outweigh respect for national boundaries. We believe that God is asking us to trust him without borders. That no matter where He opens doors (regardless of gender, race, religion, creed of political affliction), we trust God and are called to serve people no matter what country they are in. We trust God without limitations, without borders.

So what have you been doing the last few weeks, I hear you ask? Great question. After Phuket we headed up to Chiang Mai with The River team where our friends, Rudy and Lara are based. We’ve been able to see a lot of what they do here, as well as rest, reflect and recover from various illnesses.

What’s next? On Monday we’ll catch a bus for 3 hours and have four days with Destiny Rescue in Chiang Rai before we head over to Vietnam to visit two groups there. After that, we honestly have no idea at this point. One step at a time.

So watch this space, the grand adventure continues. Perhaps we’ll be back in Australia in two months, or not until the end of next year. Only God knows. We will keep you up to date as best as we can. We’re taking a walk on the water with Jesus (Picture below by Dana Jensen) and that is pretty exciting!


To live IS an awfully big adventure.

Love Tim, Jess & Amy xxoo

Be here now by Jess

I recently re-read a book by John and Stasi Eldridge called Captivating in which they told a story of a lady whose family’s motto was ‘Be here now’. I think the struggle for people who are moving onto something new is how to live in the current season whilst planning and dreaming of the next. It is my prayer to ‘be here now’ in every season of my life, even the tough ones.


I remember after we had Amy, telling a few people that I was trying to live in the season. As many mums know, there are lots of sacrifices and things you miss out on with a new baby to look after, especially if you’re used to being heavily involved in ministry. So, taking the lessons learned during that time and bringing them into this ‘in between’ season, Tim and I want to make sure that we are present in this moment. We want to make sure we are still engaged with the life we’re currently living. We still need to work, go to parties, catch up with people and love and minister to those around us. If God had already intended us to move on from where we are, then this season would already be over. However, we’re still in Brisbane, so we will be here now. Oddly enough, on the way to work the other morning I was thinking about this phrase and I walked past a busker who was singing “Be here, be here, be here now.” Haha, oh Lord, you are so funny.

Let’s be honest, there are times when I’m doing something and think, “How pointless is this compared to what I hope is to come.” But, in those moments I have to make a choice to be here now; to honour God and others around me by not disconnecting before the right time. I choose to be here now.

Love Jess xxoo