This week

With a trip this size (16 months) and complicated (12 flights, 4 countries) we use every week we can to get things done.

This week we are:

> Re-looking at the trip budget
> Deciding if we want to pursue getting our Italian citizenship (for the passports)
> Starting to look at getting our Brazilian visas
> Starting to look into Travel insurance for the whole time we’re away
> Finalising our travel plans so we can make a few changes to our flights with Flight Centre
> Starting to look into car hire for the 3 weeks we’re in California
> Re-looking at accommodation options for our little road trip in Northern California
> Organising and Skyping with our amazing friends in Florida – for a catch up and to confirm we can visit them while we’re over there
> Pretending we can afford (and have the time) to go to Disney World while we’re in Florida
> Investigating accommodation for the 2 nights we’re in Miami
> Trying to be good Christians and not want to kill anyone who works in the NAB loan department while everything is being finalised
> Investigating hiring a storage pod for a few house hold items we want to keep for when we return
> Re-looking at flights details for Amy i.e. should we contact the airline and request food for Amy, do they have car seat requirements
> Investigating child car seat requirements/laws in Brazil
> Starting packing a few boxes for our move in January
> Trying to ignore the mess created from starting to pack a few boxes
> We also received notification that we’ll be in Rio during the World Cup while we partner with Exodus Cry – Liberdade

Other non-related trip things:

> Tim is marrying a couple in December, so he met with them on Monday night to discuss plans
> Tim is marrying someone in February, so they will be over our house on Wednesday night for fun and laughter as we go through a marriage preparation course with them
> Jess has a high tea in town on Thursday, so will leave Amy with her folks and travel in for an hour (this will take about 3 hours in total)
> Jess has her work (dress up) Christmas party
> Tim has a 30th birthday paint balling event during Saturday day
> Jess has a 30th (dress-up) birthday party on Saturday night
> Tim has a work/church volunteers event on Saturday night

We have no idea what’s happening after Saturday night, but we certainly aren’t bored, however we look like this…


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