A painful part by Jess

Apart from missing family and friends while we are away, there is one little guy I will miss very, very much. His name is Jimmy and he is my crazy Burmese cat.


As with most pets he has a number of nicknames, from Jim, Rocket, Jim Rock to Yim, Yim Yam, Ding and finally two from Amy, Ello and Mimmy as she currently calls him.


This cheeky little fur ball was my 21st birthday present from Tim and is the 4th member of our family – Only animal lovers will understand what I mean.


I am very much a life-time pet owner and I feel incredibly guilty for leaving Jimmy behind. I even pray about finding him a good home while we’re away. I wish I could take him with me *sigh*.

This is one of the parts about the trip that I’m not looking forward to… saying goodbye to Jimmy.

Love Jess xxoo

PS – If any of our Brisbane friends are able to cat-sit this little man while we’re away, please let me (or Tim) know 🙂

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