This is Rio by Jess and Tim

Sometimes Rio is portrayed as rich and glamorous, other times gritty and dirty. Here are a few pics from our last four weeks in this diverse city. To us, this is Rio…

P1040752IMAG1859 P1050216P1040739P1050137P1040745IMAG1558P1040869IMAG2736P1040749P1040681 IMAG2735P1050132P1040709 P1050163IMAG1477P1040833P1040711Rio-P1040695IMAG1562 P1040896P1040732IMAG1764_1 P1050188P1040751P1040828P1040920P1050280

We have loved our six weeks in Rio. Thanks for having us 😉

Love Tim, Jess and Amy


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