Is this a dream? (In English) by Tim

Last year in March I was part of a two week Global Awakening ministry trip. Our team ministered in a number of churches and also went to the streets to bless people. It was a life changing experience.

After the ministry trip finished, I got to hang out with the crew at Hangar7 Church for my last couple of days in Brazil. I had the opportunity to speak at their service and then hang out with a few of them the next day. This last portion of my trip was such a divine connection and I came home feeling like God had more in store from this time.

Here’s some pics from the trip:







Now we are back in Brazil as a family and there have been many times I have felt like I’ve been in a dream. Am I really back in this country? Is our family really here? Are these people and experiences real? Is this a dream?

This emotion emerged two weeks ago during our first service at Hangar7 Church. As we arrived at the park in Indaiatuba (where they hold their Friday night service) I was so excited to be reunited with many people I had met last year. Is this a dream?

During the worship I walked around with Amy taking in the atmosphere and at one point I wanted to cry. The emotion I felt was so overwhelming. A sense of Gods love and grace that had brought me back to this place. But still I questioned, is this a dream?

It was an amazing night and I was so blessed to speak at the service. As the night finished and we arrived home, still the question rattled around in my mind, is this a dream?

Here’s some pics of the Friday night at Hangar7 to give you an idea of what goes on:





Speaking at Hangar7


We’ve now been here for two weeks and so many times Jess and I will look at each other astonished and say, “We’re in Brazil!”

Being here feels so surreal but so right. It feels so different but so good. The people, the place and the culture have had an impact on our lives and it’s become more real every day.

It’s taken a while but I now know that this is not a dream. Thank you God!

To live would be an awfully big adventure.


A week of firsts by Tim

We’ve been in Brazil just over one week now and during this time we’ve experienced many ‘firsts’. It’s been so exciting trying new foods, meeting new people and immersing ourselves in this new culture. Here are some of the ‘firsts’ we’ve experienced this past week.

First time in a non-speaking country as a family

For Jess and Amy this is their first time in a non-english speaking country. This is also the first time for our whole family together. It’s been intriguing and sometimes challenging but we’re making the most of it. Using lots of non-verbal gestures always makes for lots of laughter and smiles. Lots of the Brazilians we’re hanging out with speak a bit of English so this has helped a lot.

Speaking Portugese

First time trying this amazing drink – Guaraná (gwa-ra-NAH)

A delicious soft drink made from a fruit only found in Brazil! We can’t get enough of it!


Amy’s first hair cut

Thanks to Pri, Amy had her first hair cut! She’s such a cutie and she was so good.

Amy's first hair cut

Açaí (ah-sah-EE) Where have you been all my life! 

YUUUUUMMMM!!!!! A South American fruit that is made into a frozen puree. Amazing with granola, fruit, sweetened condensed milk and just about anything!

First Acai

Jess’ first time speaking with an interpreter

Jess had the great honour of speaking to the girls of Hangar7 at their womens service. This was her first time speaking with a translator, and an amazing translator she was!!!! Thanks Keila for making us sound amazing when we speak. Que?!!!!

Jess speaking

Jess’ first time meeting lots of her friends face-to-face

After my trip to Brazil in 2013 I came back with over 150 new friends on Facebook! Jess also gained some new Facebook friends. Throughout the last year we’ve had many skype and FB conversations with some of these amazing people.

Boaz Skype

Jess has now been able to meet them in person for the first time! It was like they had always known each other!


First time this long away from family…


It’s now 6 weeks since we left Australia. Time has gone so quickly and we think about our home often. This is the first time we’ve been away from family, friends and home this long. But thanks to Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp they’re never to far away!!!

I love Brazil

I do love this place. We’ve had lots of amazing ‘firsts’ already. Plenty more to come I’m sure.


Some happy snaps by Tim

Redding – A beautiful farm, wonderful animals and some good relaxation P1020687


“Hello Horsey!” (Pony) was Amy’s adventure every morning, she was in heaven with so many animals to see!


Coffee, coffee, coffee at Brew!


Combined Churches Good Friday service in Redding. AMAZING!


This crazy man is Chad. He’s a world changer and fire master! He and his wife Julia always encourage and inspire us. It was so great to see them.


This little kid melts our hearts everyday. It’s been such an blessing creating some incredibly family memories together.

Redwoods – One of the most amazing places we’ve ever experienced. Momentous and spiritually inspiring!


These trees are hundreds (some over a thousand) of years old and have been growing in secret beyond our reach. But God knew them all, even before they were giants, He saw them grow.

P1020801 P1020755 P1020765

Wilmington, North Carolina – Love this place! (Jess has declared she’s moving here :-P)


Our good friends Mike and Karen – We met these guys at a conference in Pennsylvania when we came to the US in 2011. It was a quick but divine connection. We spent 5 days with them in Wilmington and had a blast.


Wilmington… where Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Iron Man 3 and half of Nicholas Sparks movies were shot.

P1020930 P1020959Amy loved ‘Uncle’ Mike


Bottles and bottles!


Watching Little League. A truly American past time and so much fun!


P1030029“GO Nationals!”


Amy’s first time on a boat, lucky she had her turtle life jacket.



Brave, ready to take on the world.


My girls – Dancing free!


BFFs – Even after a month of travelling 😉


Lunch on the boat after exploring Figure 8 Island. We shared our vegemite sandwiches!


Thank you Wilmington… Until we meet again.

Good bye for a little while by Tim

This is the day. The Greenwood’s are setting off!

The Greenwoods 2

It’s been fun planning, preparing our hearts and getting everything ready but now it’s time for the next step. It’s going to feel great to be on the plane after a big few months!

The latest plan for the Greenwood’s is to spend 1 month in the US, 3 months in Brazil and then head onto Thailand to see what God has in store.

IMAG0146     IMAG0148


We will be volunteering with a number of groups that work with those in the sex trade industry, a dark and deeply engrained industry that has spread throughout the globe.

We will miss our families. A LOT!

Crazy bunch of people!

We will miss our great friends in Australia. A LOT!

We will see some of our amazing international friends soon.

We hope to make many new friends along the way.

We desire to see God in a whole new way and soar higher (Voe mais alto) than we ever have before!

Voe Mais Alto

Our little family is heading off on what we can only describe as an adventure. We don’t totally know what awaits but we step out in eager expectation, knowing that we have so much incredible support behind us. We also have great confidence knowing that God is watching over us and laughing with us.

We’ll try to keep our blog updated as we journey around and serve and observe some incredible ministries around the world.

So, good bye for a little while. We’ll see you when we return; when, only God knows. We do know this:


 We choose to live.

Love you all. Tim, Jess and Amy.

God is…. So good by Tim

An incredible thing happened about a week ago. This…

Tim, Jess & Amy - Nexus

This photo, this moment, this confirmation is pretty amazing. Let me tell you about something that happened, one year ago. (Que fanciful music)

I was standing in a worship set at Hangar7 Church in Indaiatuba, Brazil on Wednesday the 20th of March 2013. This was part of a Global Awakening ministry trip. I was lost in the love and grace of God when all of a sudden I had a very vivid and real image/vision flash into my mind. It was a picture of Jess, Amy and I standing on the stage at our church Nexus, saying goodbye. It was scary, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. I started to cry. Tears of release, tears of joy, tears of a son who was hearing from his heavenly Father. I knew God was showing me a moment that was going to be in my future. I didn’t know what it meant or when it would be, but I knew it was real.

I saw the same picture during times of worship three more times that week. Each time I would cry. Each time I felt a separation from the season I was in and God preparing my heart for a new season, a shift, a transition, an adventure.

So, this is what happened last week, Sunday the 2nd of March 2014. Almost one year to the day, the vision became a reality. Myself, Jess and Amy stood on the stage at Nexus Church and we said goodbye to our wider family.

Tim, Jess & Amy Prayer


God works in mysterious ways. He’s fun, He’s true, He’s good. So we’re off on an adventure in three weeks, but God was nice enough to show us little pieces along the way. What a ride!


Nomads? by Tim

Just over a week ago the Greenwoods moved out of our home. We built our house three and a half years ago and have loved living in our very own home. But now we have started a new season. We’re staying with friends for two weeks, then we’ll head over to Jess’ parents for a few weeks, and finally stay with my folks until we leave.


Are we travellers, movers, pioneers, nomads? I can’t really tell. This week has been exciting, surreal and honestly, I feel a little out of place. We technically won’t have a permanent address or home until we get to Thailand and that isn’t until August; six months away. Six months could feel like a long time for people who aren’t used to being nomads.

As I processed the ‘out of place’ feelings from the last week, I felt the Holy Spirit say ‘Heaven is your home’. It was a strange but comforting thought. I felt like God was saying that no matter where we’ll be living over the next season, we would find our comfort, our security and sense of home in Him. That’s awesome!

A song I’ve been singing all week is ‘Heaven Song‘ by our amazing Nexus Church Youth band. The lyrics in the bridge are:

Heaven is my destiny, in Heaven I belong, Heaven’s where I’m headed, Heaven is my song……

These words ring true for me and I’m sure I’ll play this track many more times on our travels. We are citizens of heaven, just hanging out here on earth for a while. Heaven is our home.


So even though we’re heading into a season of being nomads, regardless of where we live, heaven should be my home. I’ll take comfort in that.


Clear the stage by Tim

Anything I put before my God is an idol
Anything I want with all my heart is an idol
And anything I can’t stop thinking of is an idol
And anything that I give all my love is an idol
– Jimmy Needham

Jess and I know all too well that it can be easy to make our gifts, possessions and the people that are close to us our sole focus. These things can become our idols and God is pretty clear that He wants all of our hearts and not second best (see Exodus 20:3-4).


Early on, we made a conscious decision that we weren’t going to make this trip an idol. How sad would it be if we did this trip, but held onto it so tightly that if God asked us to let it go we wouldn’t? What if we did all this stuff for God, but not with God? What if it became about us and our talents? This means that we are seeking the one who is leading us on this trip more than thinking about the trip itself. This is something that we constantly remind ourselves of to keep our eyes on God.

A song that has inspired us is Clear the Stage by Jimmy Needham. It is a great reminder that it all comes back to our relationship with our heavenly Father and He must be first. In everything.


Be careful what you say by Tim

It was an incredible week and it changed my life forever…


In January 2000, I attended a conference called Planetshakers in Adelaide and I said some things that were taken very seriously. I told God during the week that He could have my life and use me any way that He wanted. Little did I know that He would listen and He would take me (together with my family) on amazing adventures.

During the conference I truly connected with God in a real way like I had never done before. I experienced His incredible love and felt the overwhelming sense of the purpose that He wanted to give me. It was a great feeling and I poured out my heart like water before Him.

Since then I have been on an amazing journey in God. Lots of memorable experiences, life changing moments and great friendships. Some lows and hard times, and times I didn’t think I’d get through. But, through it all was the knowing that God was right there with me and with my family.

I wouldn’t have it any other way but I have learnt to be more intentional about the words to say and the things I tell God. I ask for outrageous things and I ask for the world. He listens, He cares, and He has a plan to bring me along the road that He has for me.

I now look back 13 years later and remember that week. I’m so glad I said those things to God. I’m so glad He listened. And I’m so glad He’s stuck by me, even when I didn’t want to keep going.

Have it all

Be careful what you say, because God remembers. 😉


Brazil Trip with Global Awakening by Tim

In March of 2013 I joined a team from Global Awakening to go to Brazil. This was a long time dream of mine and it was a life changing experience in many ways. I spent two weeks in Brazil divided between Rio de Janeiro for some sight seeing and an area just outside of Sao Paulo for a ministry experience with Global Awakening.


Rio de Janeiro – What an incredible city. The hustle and bustle of New York and the smell and culture of Bangkok. Rio never seems to sleep and there’s always something to do. One of the most tourist populated cities in the world and they’ve made the most of it. I spent 5 nights here and loved it all; from the incredible beaches to the energetic football matches to the momentous sights and friendly people.

P1000298Impanema Beach

P1000172Christ the Redeemer

P1000110View from the top of the Sugar Loaf


Hangar7 – This was one of the most amazing groups of people I’ve ever met. A church of young people who live for Jesus in everything they do and passionately love the people in their city of Indaiatuba. This group of people is pastored by Juan and Keila, who are now my great friends. The Global team partnered with Hangar7 to run a three day conference at the church. It was an incredible time of meeting amazing people, soaking in God’s tangible presence and training and equipping for outreach and life. Fantastic memories. Thanks Hangar7!




Campinas Red-light district – One of the most incredible experiences I had during this trip was a visit to a red-light district in Campinas. A small team of people would go into the district each afternoon during the conference with Hangar7. We would take roses and a Father’s Love Letter in small teams looking for opportunities to bless the ladies in the area. It was an eye opening experience but we were able to pray for and prophecy over a number of ladies. Some great news, there are plans for future ongoing ministry in this area.


The Global Awakening team – This was the crazy bunch of people that I got to hang out with over the week. The group were from the US, Canada, Switzerland, UK and Aus. We laughed, cried, sung, ate and ministered together and saw God do some incredible things.

Global Team

The Three Musketeers and D’artagnan – These three guys became my brothers and friends I will never forget. Isaque (top right), Diego (bottom right), Igor (top left) and I made the most of every chance to hang together and minister together.  With only Isaque having good english and Diego and Igor ok english, there were many laughs and blank stares when trying to communicate to each other. Macomequeisso???!!!

The three Musketeers

I was changed forever and blessed by what God did in me and through me. I now have some life long friends that I know I will see again. Thank you.